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Kundalini Coffee Company, is using modern innvation to reduce Coffee Roasting Carbon emissions up to 79%.

 Federal Government appoved SAM supplier, USDA Organic,  Certified Carbon Free. Kundalini Coffee Company  supplier to 52 states across the USA, coast to coast.     

Gov Cage Number:  8K6J0

Our story

Carbon-free, Organic Coffee Beans:

Coffee is a staple throughout the world. Nearly every culture consumes or grows coffee beans It’s high time we started paying attention to where our coffee beans come from and how coffee roasting affects the environment.

Kundalini Coffee Company is an innovation-driven, solutions-based, USDA-approved organic coffee bean roasting company dedicated to providing organic coffee with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

A Blue Ocean Coffee Bean Roaster:

We are disrupting the wasteful coffee market and upending its massive environmental impact by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 79%. In fact, we are so efficient during the roasting process that we use 5 times less fuel than traditional roasting.

Differences like this are astounding. Kundalini Coffee Company is making waves as a blue ocean roaster that’s ready to send a new wave of carbon-free coffee bean roasting practices throughout the industry, worldwide.

Fair Trade, USDA-approved Organic Coffee Beans:

Being an environmentally conscious company doesn’t start with the roasters, it starts with the farm. Kundalini Coffee Company only uses US-based coffee bean importers who uphold fair for life trade practices. By doing this, we support local businesses and provide local job opportunities. In the near future, Kundalini Coffee Company will be 100% local, from farm to mug, with the purchase of coffee bean farms in Hawaii. Farming practices can be more easily monitored and greener methods can be implemented on our own coffee bean farms for an even more ecofriendly experience.

10% of Coffee Bean Sales Are Donated:

To further support the local environment, Kundalini Coffee Company donates 10% of all coffee bean sales to local charities. We want to be transparent about our practices, so we base our donations on coffee bean sales instead of profits. By basing it on sales, you know that 10% of the purchase you just made is being donated.