About Us

USA Industry Jobs Creator –  Break Through Innovation – Kundalini Coffee Company is reducing Coffee Roasting Carbon emissions 79%.

 Kundlaini Coffee is  A Federal Government appoved USDA organic coffee supplier in 52 states USA wide, coast to coast.     

Gov Cage Number: 8K6J0


Our story

 Kundalini Coffee is federal Government approved USDA organic coffee supplier in 52 states USA wide, coast to coast.  In simple terms, Kundalini Coffee Company is an innovation solution based business. Kundalini coffee through a USA patented technology, delivers up to 79% coffee roasting greenhouse emission reduction. We use 5 times less fuel when roasting coffee compared with traditional coffee roasting.  We are a coffee roasting company. Our mission is one of planet wide carbon reduction in coffee and the creation of new industry and jobs in every country we roast.  We offer a coffee and tea program to existing retailers, and car dealers, empowering all our vendors brand to deliver the best organic coffee, self branded. The circle represents completeness like a wedding ring a oneness. Kundalini represents feminine energy and an awakening to health.  Our focus is health. Health with the people, and the planet.  


A woman owned, minority innovation driven business. Coffee is known to come from outside America, as a policy Kundalini Coffee Company supports American based business. And local business in each country we roast. Our Organic, fair for life trade coffee is only purchased from American based importers who support our values in sourcing coffee. We are also in the process of acquiring USA based Coffee Farms, a vision to become 100% USA certified carbon free coffee product. Our Organic coffee currently is purchased in the USA, and roasted in the USA. This is a jobs' creation strategy, supporting local employment through the USA at every level, supporting the USA as well as health of its people and the planet. We adopt the same strategy in every country we establish a roasting plant. Health, create local jobs, and procure from local importers in the country to support local business is our vision. All over the world we have a localized micro policy, as part of a global macro one world vision. We give 10% of all our coffee sales to local charities.  

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